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How To Market Your Hotel Website

Your hotel needs a website that we all know. But the real question arises about how to get more traffic and visibility for the website. And that is where we need to market our website thoughtfully to get a higher ROI, eventually driving more business via the website.

Here are the top five marketing strategies for your hotel website.


Content is king for any website and when you are putting up content for your website, make sure that it should be engaging, and your audience should enjoy the content and find helpful information about your property.

Kickass SEO strategy

A well-planned SEO strategy with the right set of keywords and a balanced density of the keywords in your content helps a website to improve organically in search results.

Define a keyword list and the search term you want your hotel website to rank for.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your website loads must be fast and appear aesthetically designed when opening on a mobile device, and more than 75% of searches are now happening on mobile devices across the world. It is crucial to have a responsive, informative website with an attractive design.


Remarketing is one proven marketing strategy for hotels that have worked if appropriately implemented, no matter the industry. With it, you can showcase your ads to any guest who recently visited your website and other social media networks.

Also, pay attention to your website analytics and check the platforms from which people are always booking.

Email Promotion

Email promotion or marketing is a great tool used on most hotels' websites, and you can use it to market your hotel website. For example, you can increase bookings, boost brand awareness, increase website visitors, keep visitors engaged, and generate more traffic.

The primary goal of owning a website for your hotel and adding a booking page is to increase traffic and direct bookings on the site. With the strategies mentioned above, you are guaranteed to get your hotel website visible to your ideal clients.

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