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What to expect from influencer marketing in 2023!

Influencer marketing will continue to grow in popularity, particularly with the rising prominence of personalities and brands connected through social media. This growing audience of people who share their interests and build an audience for their content will continue to grow. For marketers, this means having a strategy to drive engagement from brand-new audiences into existing or new followers. It also means taking advantage of the growing opportunities for exposure that existing relationships offer. Here’s everything you need to know about influencer marketing in 2023.

Who can do influencer marketing?

You can create your own social media channels or engage in activities often associated with social media. Influencer marketing can be a great way to engage a broader following with your brand, whether through your website, blog, or social media channels. When brands can create and maintain an ongoing conversation with good and bad influencers, the potential for growth is tremendous.

What the future holds for influencer marketing?

In terms of the future, it’s important to remember that almost any type of marketing effort can be implemented as an influencer marketing effort. For example, a brand might partner with an influencer and use that person’s name and image to promote their products or services, or they might pick up where that person’s activity is and use that person’s brand to promote their products. With the rise of smart Influencer Marketing tools and platforms, brands can create sophisticated and consistent campaigns targeting specific audiences with just a few keystrokes.

Five ways brands are leveraging Influencer Marketing in 2023

Brand Building

Influencer marketing allows brands to interact with existing customers and create brand-new relationships. This is particularly useful when the products are similar or have similar products or services.


Retaining existing customers is crucial to the success of any marketing efforts. A secure and consistent audience is crucial to any marketing efforts.


Repositioning a consumer is another key factor in the success of any marketing effort. It is important to constantly re-frame consumer expectations to match the consumer's needs better.

Retention - As mentioned above, brands that engage with existing customers and create brand-new relationships will likely increase engagement and growth.

Leverage Cross-selling - For example, if you can promote your brand and products through a subscription box, then you will be able to generate more potential customers through influencer marketing.

Summing up

As the world races forward with the advent of AI, automation, and other technology that promises to revolutionise many aspects of human existence, brands must learn from past mistakes and adopt a new strategy for engaging with existing and new members of the audience. To create and maintain long-term relationships with existing and new followers, brands will need to innovate and try new marketing trends.

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