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What is hotel upselling?

Hotel upselling is a sales technique where hotels offer guests a higher room category, extra services, rooms with special features, or other add-ons to generate additional revenue and add value to the traveller's stay.

When done right, upselling is beneficial for both guests and the hotel. It allows travellers to customise their stay and increases the property's average guest spend and overall revenue at the same time.

Why upselling is important for hotels? 5 key benefits of Hotel Upselling:

1. Elevate the guest experience and increase guest satisfaction:

Today, people are used to customised experiences from online shopping, social media and data-driven advertising. They expect the same level of personalisation from hotels. That means you must sell upgrades or add-ons that match their needs and desires. Create hyper-personalised deal selections with the help of segmentation. This way, hotel guests have an easier time discovering the offers they want and creating the stay that suits their needs.

2. Learn more about your ideal guest

Upselling helps build a connection with your guests. Analyse the most appealing deals to explore their interests, and learn more about the experiences they seek and are willing to pay extra for. This can give you ideas for additional services that will enhance their stay and new revenue streams to tap. You'll also discover what's less popular among travellers. That allows you to revamp offers and make them more attractive or shelve them

3. Generate more revenue

Smart and effective upselling can drastically boost incremental revenue for hotels.

4. Strengthen your brand reputation

Using upselling to delight guests can result in more excellent reviews. That strengthens your brand image and shows that you live up to your promise of providing an amazing stay. You can even communicate your brand values via upsell offers.

5. Stand out from the competition

Offering a personalised experience rather than a cookie-cutter stay sets your hotel apart. Making every traveller feel valued and special will result in more first-time guests becoming loyal repeat bookers. Since they're also more likely to share their positive experiences publicly, you'll see boosted rankings on review sites and OTAs. This helps more new guests find you and increased their willingness to pay.

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